Buy Telegram Accounts | Sex Can Be Both Male And Female | For Portable Version | Registered With Phone Numbers Of Canada | The Profiles Information Is Partially Filled

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  • The Telegram accounts are registered manually.
  • Sex can be both male and female.
  • Registered with phone numbers of Canada.
  • Two types of profiles are possible. 1. Not filled at all profile. 2. Partially filled profile (notes, photos and other information)
  • Important: If the portable version of Telegram is not included, then you need to download it from the official website
  • User guide:
  • 1) Download the archive with data received after payment and unpack it into one folder with telegram.exe portable.
    2) Run telegram.exe.
    3) Use the account.
  • Accounts data format. The data format is specified to facilitate reading the received details and may differ slightly. It does not affect an account’s health
  • After payment, you receive a link to download the file with the data to enter